Apple Patented an Earbud Design to Keep Them From Falling Out

A recent news in Business Insider said that Apple patented a design for its earbuds so that they won’t fall out of the user’s ears, especially while exercising. The patent design shows dimensions for an earpiece with a bendy outer section that forms to fit inside the user’s ear.


The patent for the earbud, however, has a publication date of March 20, 2014. So, aside from this not being the latest news in earbud technology, this also wasn’t necessarily revolutionary. Apple’s earbuds and earpods have a tendency to bounce out of your ear if you do anything more strenuous than walking or sitting down and that is according to CNet editors’ Apple earpods review.


Below are the dimensions of the earbuds that Apple filed in the U.S.Patent and Trademark Office.

apple earbud patent 3


Ear piece 100

apple earbud patent 2

Schematic view of a compliant element for use with an earpiece

apple earbud patent 1

Schematic view of a compliant element of the figure above


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