EarBones from ClutterZap: A Great Earphones Organizer

Since I switched to my Motorola E398 in 2006 I never thought I would need ear bones, an earphones organizer from ClutterZap.com. I have preferred to use a bluetooth stereo head set and was fortunate to receive as a gift from my mom a Motorola HT820 which I used for pairing with my phone unit. I eventually lost that phone unit and used a phone which my wife passed on to me, a Nokia 6233 which I used up until last month when I got a Nokia N8. For all the phone units, my bluetooth stereo headset always paired with them and I really did not have a need to organize anything.

Earbones from ClutterZap.com

But when I acquired an ASUS 1005HA last year, I also got myself earphones which I use for listening to music or watching videos because my netbook doesn’t really have speakers that are loud enough when I am outside. Since then, I have always had the need to organize my earphones. I have found a great earphones organizer and it is called the EarBones because it is shaped like a bone and it declutters the wires from any pair of earphones.

Earbones with earphones

How to use ClutterZap Earbones

It is so easy to use and it also comes with instructions on how to use ClutterZap earbones on its box. You can find more information about these ear bones (earphones organizer) from ClutterZap.com

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