Garmin® new solar-powered smartwatches lead the industry standard with a 500 percent higher solar conversion rate

Proprietary technology powers up the world’s first solar-powered multisport GPS smartwatch series Building on the success of the debut of its patented solar charging technology in fēnix 6X Pro Solar, Garmin today announced the extension of thistechnology into two of its flagship outdoor smartwatch series– Instinct and fēnix series, introducing […]

Garmin® new solar-powered smartwatches

5G & AIoT Anticipate a Strong Rebound Boosted by strong demand and booming 5G applications

5G technology, which features “high-speed,” “low-latency” and “wide-link” capabilities, is expected to bring smart manufacturing, smart medical care, smart retail, Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Vehicles (IoV), and even smart cities, and bring more convenience into people’s lives. The development of 5G is expected to tremendously benefit humanity as […]

Press Release: Taiwan Creates Pandemic Prevention product Ecosystem

An ecosystem of pandemic prevention products and related industries has already been formed in Taiwan, aimed at offering assistance in the fight against the raging COVID-19 outbreak, the country’s trade representatives said Monday. Taiwan has already shown the world its resilience, integration capacity and advanced medical practices. Walter Yeh, President […]

Taiwan pandemic ecosystem