The Ebike Exceed from Innovatronix Inc: An Electrically Assisted Bike Designed by a Filipino

E-bike Exceed Innovatronix

The Ebike Exceed is foldable

The Ebike Exceed from Innovatronix Inc, a Philippine-based company, is one of the new toys, gadgets and eco-friendly modes of transportation available in Philippines soil today – an electric bike. The company first released the ebike in 2003 but had a less classy design. But after a few years, it released a newer, more beautiful design.

the ebike-exceed

The beautiful design of the Ebike Exceed

The electric bike, Ebike Exceed, designed by the owner of Innovatronix Inc who is an engineering graduate from the University of the Philippines, carries a 300W, 24V motor and has a maximum speed of 30kph and can reach up to 28km on a single charge (flat surface). It has safety accessories like a headlight and a taillight so it is safe to drive around at night.

Exceed Ebike fits in the trunk

The Ebike Exceed fits perfectly in the trunk of a car

It is perfect for picnics and for out of town trips. Because of its foldable feature travelers can bring it along and bike around their destination. Other specifications are the 16-inch wheels. Innovatronix Inc’s electrically assisted bike known as the Ebike Exceed is now available in the market and priced at P24,900 (roughly $50).

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