Marketing Tips for a Startup Entrepreneur

When marketing is done right, it can be extremely beneficial for the net income of any business. However, if it’s done wrong, it may feel as though you are throwing your limited funds into a raging fire. As a small or start-up business owner, it can be challenging to figure out what marketing tactics are worth your money and time and which are left for the “bigger fish.” With the help of thought leaders like Eyal Gutentag, though, figuring out the complicated world of marketing is a bit easier.

Marketing Tips for a Startup Entrepreneur

Sell the Benefit Rather than a Comparison

How your business markets itself is all about highlighting what makes it different. There are three main ways to do this. The cost of the product or service and how it is better than the competition, the quality of the product or service, and a combination of the two (i.e. you provide a better value).

Remember, though, how you sell yourself is much different than how you market yourself. You can let someone know you offer a service or product that’s more affordable or effective than another business, but that doesn’t tell them how this product or service will make the customer’s life better. Selling is all about the benefits you offer.  While a comparison can highlight the features that you offer, you have to sell the benefits.

Listen to What the Customer Has to Say

If you have the goal of moving large quantities of goods, you must have access to and the attention of many people. Listen to your customers and the result you achieve will be powerful. Just take a cue out of WalMart’s cue book.

If you want to achieve more success and growth with your company, use the tips here. Doing so will help to propel your company to success.

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