PLDT Smart SME Nation’s BIG Talks Conference

PLDT Smart SME Nation’s “Make it Big” Campaign officially kicks off with BIG Talks Conference.

PLDT Smart SME Nation recently hosted BIG Talks, a conference for entrepreneurs, recognizing the need to motivate small and medium enterprises. The campaign aims to empower entrepreneurs to press on and dream big, regardless of what phase their respective businesses are currently in.


PLDT Smart SME Nation’s VP and Head, Mr. Mitch Locsin shared, “Filipino entrepreneurs deserve to dream big and be empowered to make these dreams come true. We at SME Nation are committed to reach business owners in the country, strengthen them and prepare them to go global. In so doing, we hope to help them give back to their family, their employees, and their community.”

Mitch Locsin, PLDT Vice President and Head of of SME Nation

The BIG Talk Series is designed to provide entrepreneurs with knowledge and resources to enable and inspire them to achieve bigger goals for their businesses and themselves. Mr. Locsin mentioned during the press conference that they have provided small businesses with free website to jump start the entrepreneurs toward transitioning to e-commerce and they have an option to continue its subscription after 60 days of use.


PLDT SME Nation AVP and Head of SME and Marketing, Mr. Amil Azurin,  PLDT Vice President and Head of SME Nation, Mr. Mitch Locsin and  Marketing Communications Lead of SME Nation, Mr. Joshua Aquino

CNN Philippines: “Sir, we all know that one of the difficulties we have right now is the access to internet connectivity. There’s a lof of Filipinos, as you mentioned, are online. So how do you reconcile that to the need to put our business online to be stronger, moving forward?”

Mr. Mitch Locsin: “Yes, it is truly very essential and let me give you a quick snapshot of what the PLDT group is doing. This year alone is the biggest CapEx of the PLDT and Smart, where are CapEx is 43 Billion, never been heard before and 95% of that is fueled around enhancing our fiber footprint and our data connectivity from the signal perspective for the mobile users – all  of that. That was started early this year and we’re going to see a lot of improvements as the months go by and I know even our competitor has a very massive CapEx as well. So everything is geared towards addressing that new consumer..”


Amil Azurin, PLDT SME Nation AVP and Head of SME and Marketing

“The BIG Talks series is just the beginning of our multi-pronged efforts to empower the Filipino entrepreneur. Through these events, we hope to empower their entrepreneurial spirit and to create a network of like-minded people and encourage knowledge exchange, which is essential to the success of Filipino entreprises,”  Mr. Locsin concluded.

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