5 Essential Print Products That Help In Networking and Career Progression

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After investing a lot of effort and time in your career, it’s never too early to keep building momentum and tap into the available support and help from your growing network. Ensure the widening of that network by building skills and learning about employer expectations, and participate in professional development events, workshops, and job fairs. Keeping personal marketing materials handy is a must. Here are five print products you can have in your arsenal to help you with your networking and career advancement.

5 Indispensable Print Collaterals for Networking and Career Growth

1. Business Cards

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Among all direct and personal marketing tools, a business card is the most important tool you’ll need to grow your network. Showing that you came prepared makes for a good first impression on a new connection. Pick a high-quality business card printed on an ultra-thick card stock, using high resolution visuals or pick one with a special texture – this can be unique and memorable.

2. Presentation Folders

You can use something as simple as a branded presentation folder to market your company, product or service. It also says you’re a professional. Presentation folders are a must-have to organize all your sell sheets, brochures, flyers, and other printed materials in one pile

3. Flyers

handing out flyers - print products that help in networking

This advertising material can take the burden off your budget because it doesn’t cost as much as other print collaterals and are easy to hand out. You can produce so many of this and multiply your exposure in an event by displaying them in booths, welcome tables, or hand them out as an ice-breaker if you will.

4. Postcards


try new things postcard design

A postcard may seem like a thing of the past and perceived as confined just for mailing but it can also be a more creative alternative to the trusty flyer. Postcards are perfect for quick promotional handouts with many postcard printing options and designs. Aside from standard postcard sizes, opt for premium postcards like die-cut, silk or velvet postcards. These premium postcards are tear, water and scuff-resistant, giving you a higher chance of being noticed and read. There are many online postcard printers like NextDayFlyers and 48HourPrint that print within 2-3 days and provide free online design tools that you can use.

5. Brochures

stack of colorful brochures

A well-designed printed marketing material engages the senses more than an email, web page or LinkedIn profile does. It offers special advantages: you cover more print area, it’s handy, and you can play with the brochure content/design according to the brochure fold. Choose from many fold options: tri-fold, bi-fold, z-fold, accordion, and more.

With these print collaterals, you can go to your next networking engagement, job fair, workshop or roundtable event and stay ahead by keeping these print materials ready when you need them.

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