A Comparison of Nokia C3 and Nokia E63 13

When I first saw and heard about the Nokia C3 my first reaction was to ask how it is different from the Nokia E63 which my wife has. So I set out to compare these two full-QWERTY keyboard phones from Nokia.

Nokia C3 vs Nokia E63
nokia c3 vs nokia e63

Most of the features and specifications of the Nokia C3 and the Nokia E63 are the same but the differences do matter a lot. The things they have in common aside for having a full QWERTY keyboard are:

*Quad-band GSM 850/900/18001900
*3.5 mm audio jack
*GPRS and EDGE at Class 32
*Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
*Bluetooth with A2DP support
*USB v.2.0 with microUSB
*2-megapixel camera
*FM radio
*Voice command/dial

Like I said, their differences matter a lot. Below are the differences between the Nokia E63 and the Nokia C3:

*Nokia C3 does not have 3G, Nokia E63 has it
*Nokia C3 does not have video calling, Nokia E63 has it
*They both have TFT display but Nokia C3 has 256K colors while Nokia E63 has 16M colors
*Both have vibration and MP3 ringtones as alerts but Nokia E63 has more because it can use polyphonic ringtones
*Nokia C3’s internal memory is only 55MB while Nokia E63’s is 120 MB
*Both have card slots but the maximum for the Nokia C3 is 8GB while it is 16 GB for the Nokia E63
*Nokia C3 has social network integration which the Nokia E63 doesn’t have but on the other hand, with Nokia C3 you can’t edit documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF), but it’s something you can do in Nokia E63.

With these differences between the Nokia C3 and the Nokia E63 one that matters to many are their prices. The prices are around PHP 5,500 and PHP 9,000 for the Nokia C3 and Nokia E63 at present.

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13 thoughts on “A Comparison of Nokia C3 and Nokia E63

  • janin

    THANK YOU…BDW can we change the home screen of the e63 like the c3??…bcoz my youngr sister phone is c3 and mine is e63 and her home screen is more nicer than mine…:D

  • Mick

    Nokia C3-00 does not support voice command and dialing.
    I emailed Nokia UK and got a reply back from them, saying that voice command/dialing is not a feature of the C3-00. But they hope to sort it out in the future.
    This is what they sent…

    Thank you for contacting Nokia Care.

    We understand that you would like to use voice tags or voice dialling on your C3 device. We regret to inform you that there is no means as of the moment to do this. However, Nokia is currently working on this issue and will come up with an update in the near future to support the varying needs of our customers.

    For future reference, please feel free to check our website. Kindly refer to the link below:


    You may also call our Customer Care Hotline at 0845 -045-5555, Mon-Fri 9am – 7pm (except bank and public holidays)

    Please do not hesitate to contact us again if you have any questions.

  • Belgie

    I just received this phone in golden white and I could not be happier. The screen is large, menus are easy to see and navigate through and I love the way widgets for your favourite contacts, facebook and twitter appear on the home screen.

  • utkarsh

    and you also forgot to mention that E63 is a smartphone while C3-00 is not.(i had both)
    C3 a bad bargain..

  • john

    c3 doesn’t have (menu – log)to see all the incoming and outgoing messages,calls, packet datas etc..

    other nokia phones has it.. isn’t it?

  • lee

    c3 is s40 so u shuld not be comparing it to a smart phone like e63. Among all s40, c3 is the best for its a 6th and last edition, furthermore, due to some secret website, i were able to browse net for free using c3, also reading docs like exel, word,pdf etc. And the speed of s40 cannot be matched against slow smartphones. For its price and u get this great features, c3 is the best!

  • lee

    any other petty features that c3 doest have are just so useless, vibrations on polyphonic tones?voice commands?external memory upto 16g? Have u ever make full use of a 2gb memory card w/o having it crushed by viruses?!

    the real flaws u can said to c3 is that its camera isnt that good IF ure viewing it on ur phone,but if u transfer it to other device, lets say a computer,resolution is great. Though i hate it has no FLASH
    and also it has no 3g,for faster free browsing than gprs thats all thank you (pinoy ako)

  • notriel

    c3-00, although nokia site do say it does, does not support A2DP. you can only hear mono when playing music via bluetooth.