How to Choose a Travel-Friendly Camera

If you are one who loves to travel, whether because of business, pleasure or you just like traveling with your family you probably have though about how to choose a travel-friendly gadget, more specifically, a digital camera. There are many features that one should take into consideration when shopping for a travel-friendly camera. You must first think about how you want to travel with your camera and whether you would prefer advanced features of your gadget over a light load.

Consider Size and Weight

You will need to decide if you prefer to carry your digital camera in a case, around your neck or just simply slip it into your jacket’s or shirt’s pocket. Most point-and-shoot cameras are light and slim enough to bring along without weighing a person down. A D-SLR, on the other hand, will require a neck strap and case for its protection but gives you more creative control over the photos you want to take to your destination.

Consider the Anti-shake Features

If you consider yourself to be just an amateur photographer and the type who spontaneously takes pictures while in a moving vehicle, or in windy locale it would be good to invest in a camera with anti-shake technology. This technology counter acts blurred photos that come as a result of a shaky hand combined with slow shutter speed when a photo is taken.

Consider Video Features

Many cameras nowadays have a video mode to let you capture video clips. There are even digital cameras now who let you take them in HD. Having a video feature is ideal when you are traveling with family or when you want to record memorable moments and want to relive them.

These are just a few tips on how to choose a travel-friendly camera.

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