6 Things You Need to Set Up Before Selling Online

For the most part, eCommerce solutions are capable of selling products within an hour of the initial setup. However, there are several key aspects to the online store that may need to be started long before you decide to start selling. Some of these can play vital roles in how your online store performs, and addressing them now can save you from downtime after you set up the website.

Worldwide or Local Sells

Offering worldwide shipping entails more than just a global delivery provider. It may also incorporate language translations and currency conversions. You may also need to research if your products can be shipped to specific locations due to customs or other embargo practices that are currently in place. There’s no use marketing a product to a specific area if you can’t ship it to those consumers.

Payment Processing

The most important aspect of your shopping cart is the ability to accept money. If you’re waiting for the payment processing company to verify information, you might not be able to sell anything. For instance, PayPal can take three to five business days to verify banking accounts. In the mean time, you don’t have access to that money should you make a sale until the account is verified.


Although it’s possible to ship products manually with most eCommerce solutions, integrating your store with a delivery company can provide exact shipping fees for purchases. Accounts such as USPS or UPS can take a bit of time to set up before the account goes live. In some cases, you can send an email to the organization stating you’re ready to go live.

Budget Plan

It’s always best to have a strict budget when starting up a new business. You need to make sure that you have enough money to cover your overhead expenses as well as monies you put towards marketing. Over time, this budget will be shaped by the development of your company.

Sales Tax

Depending on the area you live in, sales tax can be quite tricky – especially in the United States. However, it can save you a great deal of trouble if you run the online store like an actual business. Make sure your system is charging the appropriate amounts for taxes

Security Certs and Scans

Offering security certifications and regular scans give customers a sense of being protected when they shop at your store. Many organizations and third parties can regularly monitor your website for any security compromises before people give you their personal financial information.

Online shopping carts usually come with a wide variety of tools and integration capabilities. Although these can enhance the shopping experience, some accounts may take days to verify and set up. Before you begin marketing and promoting your store, make sure that all aspects of it are fully functional and ready for customers. Shoppers can become quite irritable if they can’t buy items that are advertised on your website because the payment gateway hasn’t been initialized.

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