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Since my 160 GB Western Digital external hard drive broke down months ago I have been looking around for a replacement and have been praying for a 1 TB, USB-powered external hard drive. I have tried different places including popular gadget shops in San Juan and Quezon City but was only able to find powered 1 TB external hard drives. The available powered 1 TB external hard drives here range from almost PHP 6,000 to up to PHP 9,000.



1TB Seagate Expansion Portable Drive

When I spent three days in Dubai, I was able to find a 1 TB, USB-powered external hard drive. Actually, it was a place outside of Dubai – Al Sharjah. The night before our morning flight back to Manila, we went to big supermarket which has almost everything and they had two brands of 1TB, USB-powered external hard drive – Western Digital and Seagate.

I chose the brand Seagate because it was cheaper. The supermarket also had the powered 1TB external HD but we had that here in the Philippines, too, so that’s not what I needed. I needed something that I can carry around, something that I can use as a virtual office so that I can access my files anytime and anywhere.

If you are looking for a 1TB, USB-powered external HD, I think it’s not available here in the Philippines yet. It would be an advantage if you know someone based in Dubai or maybe places like Singapore or Hongkong. You can ask a friend to buy you the 1TB, USB-powered external hard drive. You can get it at the same price range for the powered external HD but you’ll have mobility.

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