Canon GreenNation reaffirms commitment to environment

Canon is a multinational corporation that specializes in imaging and optical products. But compared to other global companies, Canon is known as a Japanese brand that upholds the well-being of the environment above all else. It aims to achieve sustainable corporate growth as well as promote an enriched lifestyle that adheres to the needs of the environment.

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A unique cycle

Throughout the world, Canon has been improving on its efforts to reduce carbon footprint and using lesser resources in the production of its products.

For example, Canon prefers to ship by sea or land because it is aware that aircraft generate the most pollution among the vehicles used in the shipping industry. Other efforts include minimizing the size of boxes for the products. By making the package more compressed, it uses less paper.

Canon calls this global effort Action for Green. It is based on a simple cycle of Produce, Use, and Recycle. Produce pertains to controlling its production environment, reducing CO2 emission, and eliminating wasteful overproduction of items.

Use is the product performance itself. By cutting down on the energy needed for its products during usage, Canon delivers quality performance while minimizing its environmental impact. And lastly, Recycle pertains to its effort in collecting ink cartridges, promoting copier recycling, part reuse, and reduce resources used during disposal.

Apart from their internal Produce, Use, Recycle cycle, Canon has been making a difference with massive clean-up campaigns, nature conservation programs, as well as their wildlife conservation tie-ups with the World Wildlife Fund.


Local Efforts

Canon Marketing Philippines Inc. (CMPI), chose to focus more on the recycle phase as it relaunched Canon GreenNation this July. It is focused on giving Canon printer owners the chance to drop their empty printer cartridges in various malls and locations all over Metro Manila.

What makes GreenNation different from other projects is its call to all individuals who have Canon products to join this endeavor. This advocacy comes alongside Canon’s “Kyosei” philosophy of living and working together for the common good.

With Canon, every product purchase is as good as supporting its advocacy towards a greener environment. That is why CMPI calls on every Canon GreenNation to support its green activities and do every individual’s share to help the environment.

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