Online Shopping for a Power Bank

I have personally bought different stuff online for almost five years now. It is the most convenient thing especially for a work from home person. It does not just save me time it also takes away the cost of having to gas up to go to a shopping store. For someone who juggles a handful things on a daily basis, troubling myself to go to a physical store to check off an errand in my to do list does not excite me. These days, going out for me means fun time on days off and not to do errands. But that’s just me.

Lamido Philippines

3000mah Pink Powerbank on Lamido

I am currently on the look out for a power bank to replace my severely battered and overused Energizer one that has served me years. I have tried a handful of group buying sites and I actually love that I have a few to choose from. Competition becomes healthy this way and truth be told, consumers mostly benefit from discounted offers. I’m checking out Lamido Buy and Sell Philippines. I have already placed my order for a 3000mah powerbank in pink, no less. I will sure get this post updated how this new group buy and sell site would fare. ­čÖé


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