Cheap Laptop Keyboard Protector at CD-R King 1

Yes, CD-R king is where you can buy a laptop keyboard protector at a very cheap price. I just bought three pieces today at 50 PHP (a little above a dollar). I bought them for my 14″ MSI EX400, for my wife’s MSI Megabook and my Asus 1005HA netbook.  The material of the product is said to be washable, stretchable and wrinkle-resistant.


The 50-peso laptop keyboard protector

The fifty-peso laptop keyboard protector from CD-R King is for a 14″ laptop but you can cut it so it would fit perfectly to how you want it placed on your laptop. The dimensions of the protector film are about 33cm x 14.5cm, so get a ruler and check if that size would fit in your laptop.


The cheap, customized laptop keyboard protector

Above are pictures of the protector which I have already customized to fit on my MSI EX400’s keyboard.  You can also see that the price of the cheap laptop keyboard protector is 50 Philippine pesos at CD-R King.

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