Just Roll It: Game Review of the Fast-growing Online Board Game in the Philippines

Game Review: Just Roll It

Online gaming has grown steadily in the last three years according to 2014 online gaming data from Statista. It has grown from 21 million in 2012 to 24.96 in 2013 and 28.72 in 2014. As the online gaming market continues to grow more and more online games attempt to penetrate the market.

Game Club, the publishers of Love Beat, Weapons of War, iDate and the popular CrossFire, released an online board game Just Roll It. If you are familiar with traditional board games such as Monopoly or Millionaire’s Game then learning how to play this game will be very stress-free especially if you already play online games.

Download and Installation

Just Roll It is free and easy to install. As of writing, the game is only available for the Windows operating system. There are two ways to download and install.

1. Via the GameClub website. You can hover your cursor over the ‘Games’ tab or the ‘Download’ tab and click on the Just Roll It button.

download Just Roll It via Game Club page

2. Via the Just Roll It page. Click the Download button which is difficult to miss.

Just Roll It home page


In the Just Roll It page, you will be able to see the Register button. Click it and you will be taken to the EULA (end users license agreement) and Terms and Conditions page which you will both have to accept before registration.

EULA and T&C - JustRollit.ph

You will need to fill in your details to be able to start playing the game.

One thing that can be improved in the log in procedure is modifying the password reset process. During this review, I forgot my password for my registered username. The only option available when clicking the Forgot Password button was to send an email to support@gameclub.ph. Kudos to Game Club for already working on improving this service.

Forgot Password Page - Just Roll It

Game Dashboard

Once you’ve installed the game and registered your own account, you can now enter the game. I personally think the dashboard looks too colorful for an adult gamer and too cluttered. Knowing a thing or two about conversion optimization, this increases abandonment rate for users, meaning, a new gamer may easily get overwhelmed or frustrated when attempting to navigate through the game. Perhaps clear, visible texts that can guide users can be added to make navigation less overwhelming.

As for its colors, I think Game Club is trying to target a wide age range but more towards the younger generation so its choice of colors caters to the lower age bracket.

How to Play the Game

Just Roll It can be played various ways. It can be played on your personal computer with a group of 4 players. This is very much like sitting around a square board game except you do it online and any player can play against you. Another way is by 2-in-a-team battle.

Game invitation - Just Roll It

Players are given time to choose team mates in the 2-in-a-team game

Just Roll It Game Board

It’s very much like sitting around a board game

There are many ways to win. The most basic and most popular way is when your opponent becomes bankrupt. You can also win by monopolizing one lane or side of the board game or monopolizing certain groups of properties. Game instructions are provided and I highly suggest that you read through the tutorial because it provides an exhaustive explanation of Just Roll It’s game mechanics.

Game controls are very simple because you only need your mouse to control your cursor on the screen. Game character selection is also available and each character has its own advantages and disadvantages. Your selected character’s abilities can be upgraded by increasing its level, equipping lucky charms and using special dice to help you better manipulate dice rolls or give you extra luck on your dice rolls.

Play the Game and Get a Chance to Win Cash Prizes

Your high roller character can actually be made into a reality by continuously playing Just Roll It during their promo period. You can get a chance to win at least PHP 1,000 daily from a monthly prize pool of PHP 62,000. You may also be qualified to participate in a weekly or monthly raffle to win part of a total prize pool of a whopping PHP 1 million. Visit JustRollit.ph, download the game and register. You can also like the Just Roll It Facebook page.

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