Amazfit Neo Shopee Exclusive Launch

So you have been keeping fit this lockdown, and wonder what accessories you can use to step count, and get your exercise efforts recorded? A good first thing to consider adding to your daily workout is a device like Amazefit Neo.

Amazfit Neo Shopee Exclusive Launch

AmazeFit Neo Smart Watch (Global Version)

Never miss an important beat, with 24-hour heart rate tracking.

✔ 24/7 heart rate monitoring

✔ Manual heart rate measurement

✔ Alert abnormal heart rate

Your health, at a glance.

✔ PERSONAL – It’s based on your personal profile and heart rate, so it’s personalized to you

✔ ACTIVITY – It tracks all of your activity, more than just counting steps

✔ INTELLIGENCE – The algorithm translates your heart rate into a simple score, showing you the health effect of your exercise Your exercise, recorded.

✔ Real-time workout tracking – It shows the workout time, distance and heart rate when you are working out*.

✔ Sport analyses – Choose different sport modes, see different sport reports through the App. Your sleep, taken care of.

✔ REM – It is the Rapid Eye Movement sleep stage when you possibly dream. Learn to understand your sleep better.

✔ Nap monitoring – With BioTrackerTM PPG, your sleep can be monitored – even during a 20 minute nap taken between 11 AM to 6 PM. Always-on display, 24/7. The Amazfit Neo features a retro styled, always-on display. It’s power efficient and lets you see the screen clearly under bright light. The Lift-to-wake5 feature allows you to activate the screen quickly and naturally when reading the time.

Never miss a notification.

✔ Phone call notification – Never miss a call with phone call alerts

✔ Message notification – Messaging count directly from your smartphone

And if you are into triathlon, Amazefit Neo is Water-resistant up to 50 meters The Amazfit Neo features a durable exterior case and PUR strap that provides effective waterproofing to a depth of 50 meters . Running, walking or cycling, the resilient design will perform in tough environments.

Make sure not to miss the many exciting offers as Amazefit Neo launches their promo on Shopee.

Download Shopee App for free (if you haven’t yet) on your iOS and Android devices.

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