@AcerPhils Liquid M220: Acer’s First Windows Smartphone

Tech giant Acer has recently entered the Windows Smartphone scene with the release of the Acer Liquid M220. The 4-inch display baby runs on Windows 8.1 OS (upgradeable to Windows 10). It also boasts of powerful specifications that can cater to either lifestyle or business users, ready for use in any occasion.

Acer Liquid M220

The Acer Liquid M220 also evokes outstanding aesthetic qualities to complete this performance-packed smart phone’s superiority not just in terms of functionality but also with regard to overall look and feel.

Jeffrey Mariano, Acer Smartphones Product Manager

Jeffrey Mariano, Product Manager for Acer Smartphones enumerated the many impressive features of the brand’s first windows smartphone.  At Acer Liquid M220’s price point, it is by far the most powerful with its Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 chipset that effectively boosts its stock against other smart phone brands in the market. This is further complemented by a dual-core 1.2GHz Cortex-A7 processor, 4GB internal memory and 512MB RAM. 

There’s no denying it, kid mobile usage has truly grown exponentially since the birth of smartphones. Acer Liquid M220 has provided parental control over the device through its Kids Corner feature, such that children can safely access the Web or any content on the phone.

Liquid M220’s Target User, Experience and Product Specs

Mon delos Reyes, Microsoft Philippines Partner Account Manager

Mon delos Reyes spoke of the sophisticated features of lugging around with a windows phone. I specifically love the windows sync where I an access all apps and files from across all windows device I have. It is one of my frustration when I use my Macbook. It’s crazy that I will still have to pay for an app on my Macbook, when I’ve already paid the same app on my iPad/iPhone.  Another mention-worthy feature of windows phone is its ability to get apps stored straight to the SD-card. I’ve always thought SD cards are deemed useless when used in Android phones, since they are practically incapable of getting stored in, for the most part. With a Windows-powered phone like the Liquid M220, the apps you download don’t need to gobble your internal memory up. Wow!

When it comes to outstanding looks, the Acer Liquid M220 does not lack in appeal and beauty. Inspired by a Thai silk suit material, it comes with a textile finish that gives it a sophisticated and fashionable guise and feel, which also doubles as extra grip for the phone to make handling safe and secure.

Acer Liquid M220, The Unboxing! Inclusion: the Liquid M220 unit, smartphone charger, battery, earphones, product warranty and product information


Acer Liquid M220 Specifications

The two cameras also offer faultless functionality since both are voice-operated. Imagine a camera that shoots the best photos or videos without having to “click” or are practically hands-free. The MicroSD card slot, will take care of storing your photos, videos and other files.

Now for the best news that comes with the announcement of Acer’s first ever Windows-powered phone – Acer Liquid M220 only retails for P2,490! That’s a real steal for its impressive features. It would have been perfect if Clash of Clans will be released in Windows devices. 🙂

Initial Impressions:

  • My personal Meizu M1 Note won’t even come close to performing seamless podcast streaming like the M220 does. I love it!
  • Both Sonic and Temple Run games are ultra responsive. These are two of the games I usually install to test a smartphone. Since both games tests the reflexes, it’s rather easy to tell if there’s a lag in there somewhere. Happy to report that there has been zero lags.
  • It fits perfectly in my hand! The anti-slip design on the sides, that I concur Acer kept from its Liquid Z520 model, makes for the best mobile handling across other smartphones I’ve come across to date.
  • Here ye! I can indeed access apps in my Windows laptop and XBox in the Liquid M220! Synced – check. 🙂

Head on over to www.acer.com.ph, for more information on Acer Liquid M220 and all other Acer products. You can also check out Acer Philippines on Facebook

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