My Dream Smartphone Upgrade

I finally sold my HTC Desire S and bought me a replacement. Before making that decision, I made sure to consider every specification that was important to me.

The first smartphone I considered as a replacement, the “One” I consider to be my dream smartphone, was HTC One. As an HTC owner, I have been very satisfied with the overall performance of HTC Desire S, particularly navigating smoothly through the apps, phone settings in HTC Desire S and the camera shots. What I thought when I was considering getting a replacement for it was, the new replacement should have a faster processor and can fulfill the two other things.


HTC One, which is available at Lazada Philippines, for as low as ₱ 2,083.98 per month when you use your BDO credit card,  definitely topped all of the three. Powered by a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 600, quad-core, 1.7GHz processor and a camera with a 28mm lens and F2.0 aperture, it really would blow away any other competition, considering that I was already very satisfied with the camera performance of the HTC Desire S.

Below are sample food shots using my HTC Desire S (uploaded via Instagram) I took when I visited Tamagoya! Noodle House in Antipolo, City.



Karabuta Don

Karabuta Don

The only negative thing I didn’t like about HTC Desire S, based on experience, and HTC One, based on other reviews I read, is the battery life. For my previous HTC smartphone, I had to buy a second battery replacement which I would keep with me when my battery runs out, especially because I am a heavy mobile internet user. I even purchased an Energizer mobile charger that can fully charge two mobile phones or smartphones or an iPad. But I carried too much wires and gadgets with me. I hated it when I forgot one of them and I am up and about and travelling.

I ended up getting a Cloudfone Thrill 430x which boasts of a 3-day bettery life. The camera is satisfactory but probably not as incredible as that of HTC One’s but for now, I am satisfied. But that does not change HTC One as my dream smartphone.

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