Torque Launches Its Ego Series With 11 Android Phones

Torque Ego Series, Boost Edition, Launched

Torque Mobile gets fully-working smartphones into the hands of more and more Filipinos as it launched its Ego Series, Boost Edition composed of eleven Android Smartphones. This new edition of Android phones, the Torque Ego Series, allows users to easily take their phone usage to the next level and truly embrace the age of the smartphone.

Torque Ego Series phones

Torque is offering a full line-up of Boost Edition phones for its EGO series, with compelling upgrades to offer as a way of boosting what one may otherwise view as normal, typical, or acceptable.

Chris Uyco, CEO and chief innovator at Torque Mobile, said, “Much like the human ego, we view the now-ubiquitous smartphone as something that is here to stay. The long-term vision for the Torque EGO series is for it to be treated much like a person’s pride, identity, or self-esteem. Something that will always be around, being shaped by personal decisions and circumstance, and needing the occasional boost every once in a while.

Torque Ego Series smartphones launch

11 Android Smartphones in the Ego Series

It’s interesting and pleasing to know that Torque Mobile listened to consumers through their own survey to learn and understand what Filipino smartphone users really need. The categories or “boosts” of the 11 phones from the Ego Series are all answers to the communicated smartphone usage needs.

Torque Ego Series phones held by models

Below is the list of phones in Torque’s Ego Series and their corresponding prices.

Android Boost
1. EGO Zero – Php 999

Performance Boost
2. EGO Surf S – Php 1,799
3. EGO Max S – Php 2,099

Memory Boost
4. EGO Surf i – Php 1,999
5. EGO Max i – Php 2,599

Camera Boost
6. EGO Pro – Php 2,399
7. EGO Max – Php 2,899

Entertainment Boost
8. EGO Beat TV – Php 1,199

Connectivity Boost
9. EGO Chat – Php 1,399
10. EGO Boost – Php 1,499
11. EGO zoom 4G – Php 3,499

The entire Torque EGO series smartphone line-up, including the Torque EGO tablets, is now available with prices ranging from P999 to P3,499.

Torque Ego Series launch CEO with constiituents

EGO Speaks Community

To further emphasize Torque Mobile‘s commitment to empower its users, the company has built an exclusive platform for the community to enjoy easy interaction and near-effortless communication. Dubbed Torque EGO Speaks, it is centralized user forum that allows posting under a wide-range of topics, many of which relate to the experience of being an everyday smartphone user. The EGO Speaks forum will offer Torque users a quick way to voice their concerns, give feedback, and simply connect with others in the greater Torque community.

Torque EGO Speaks can be found online at

New Torque brand ambassador

About Torque Mobile

Torque Mobile is leading and widely-recognized brand of Android smartphone and tablets in the Philippines, consistently challenging the status quo and pressing the limits of what’s possible with its various electronics offerings. Founded on a vision that will always put the user first, Torque Mobile aims to build a futures that’s based on innovation, empowerment, and user-friendliness.

Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: @TorqueMobile

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