Ripping DVD Movies to itunes on Win8 or Mountain lion

So many people need to transform DVD to iTunes, especially because of the increasing popularity of iPhones and iPads. However, some need to make this transformation even on other operating systems such as Windows, as iTunes is a market appreciated by owners of non-Apple products. This is why you need a program that could transform your DVDs into formats accepted by iTunes, such as iTunes 11, to upload those into this market.

If you want to transform DVD to iTunes professionally, you will need a program called DVD ripper. Sure, you might find many reliable solutions on the market, but why would you pay for such program when you have reliable software of this kind? We are talking about Aimersoft, a program that could transform your DVD movies into files that can be uploaded to iTunes. All this, with maximum quality, and without the worries that the quality of the movie would be compromised.

The program comes with a large number of features, which makes it a lot easier for you to transformDVD to iTunes, but also to crop those and to make collages. If you want, you can add your effects, making the movie a lot more interesting. This is how you can get your favorite movie up on iTunes in a few minutes, and you can even modify it to have your personal signature!

 If you want Aimer soft installed on your Windows computer, you need to follow the guide provided in the software package. It is not hard, but you will need to download the correct version. Otherwise, the program might not work. It is easy to use the program following the same guide. You can select any format for output, and if you are not sure what format to choose, just choose your device, and Aimersoft knows what to do. For example, if you need DVD to iTunes for your iPad, you just need to select the iPad output feature, and the program would know how to transform the file into an accepted format by this device.

 If you have the professional version of Aimersoft, you can convert even the protected files into iTunes. This way, you will have all the latest movies and collections in a single platform, and you can even share those with your friends!

It is easy to use Aimersoft. Once the program is downloaded, you need to install it, and to place the DVD in the DVD Rom. Then, you need to select the output format, and to Burn it. You can choose theDVD to iTunes feature, which will transform the DVD into a file accepted by Apple devices. Sure, you can choose other formats for any device, making it the most useful tool of this kind, especially because it is free. You can choose the paid version, which is also great, but you will find the free features of the program just as handy as the ones of other paid programs of this kind.

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