Nokia Wins vs Apple Over Alleged Use of Patented Nokia Technologies in the iPhone

Nokia have won over smartphone rivals Apple, signing a patent license agreement with the iPad and iPhone manufacturers that will see Nokia paid an undisclosed one-time fee alongside ongoing royalties. The Finnish company Nokia took Apple to court in 2009 over the alleged utilization of patented Nokia technologies present in […]

iPhone 4G Release Date Announced | Specifications

Apple has finally announced that June 24, 2010 is the release date of the much anticipated 4th generation – iPhone 4G. It will initially be available in the US, Germany, United Kingdom, France and Japan. Apple iPhone 4G will be made available to more countries in the coming months thereafter. […]

iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose by Stuart Hughes: Most Expensive Cellular Phone

The iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose, designed by Stuart Hughes and priced at $2.97 million* is the world’s most expensive cellular phone. Stuart Hughes—who also designed the most expensive television (PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition)—hit the headlines in 2009 when he designed a 22-carat gold iPhone studded with 53 diamonds for an […]