1+1 Mobile Protect Media Launch

1+1 Mobile Protect: Two is Totally Better Than One!

Having a back up plan is one of the most important lessons we should have learned thus far – I know I have.

Like our smartphone, for instance. For the majority of us, we understandably deeply invest in purchasing a mobile phone that fits our lifestyle. I even work using my smartphone. It only makes sense that we also invest in its insurance, right? After recently attending the 1+1 Mobile Protect Media Launch, I cannot be more thrilled that this insurance is no longer limited to post-paid phone subscribers. Even prepaid subscribers are now able to purchase 1+1 Mobile Protect at the same time they purchase the handset.

Esquire Tech Group offers not just 1 but 2 protection for your valuable Smart phones.

Who is Esquire Tech?

One of the leading after-sales service companies in the region, Esquire has extensive experience in providing customer service operations to the top mobile phone brands and Telco companies in Asia Pacific. Headed by its forward-thinking Chairman Stephen Khaw, Esquire started in Hong Kong in 2008 and has exponentially grown to also providing its services in other key markets in Asia Pacific namely China, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and just recently, it started operations in Vietnam.

Esquire began operating in the Philippines in 2016 and has partnered with Huawei, a leading global provider of mobile phones, for its exclusive after-sales support and trade-in program.

Seeing how Filipinos value their smartphones, the company recognized a need to start offering a new service – 1+1 mobileprotect, and has chosen to launch it first in the Philippines.

No more regrets! Protect what matters to you.

“We have been working hard on this for the past year studying the market, developing a unique service product then partnering with a reputable insurance provider and finally securing regulatory approval.” says Khaw. After a lot of preparation, 1+1 mobileprotect is now ready to provide mobile phone users with a superior device protection program that offers Extended Warranty PLUS Accidental Damage Insurance, ultimately giving great value for money.

“Our insurance company partner is Insurance Company of North America (a Chubb company), a global leader in the non-life insurance industry and is the same company who underwrites both Globe Gadget Care and Smart Gadget Shield device protection programs thus assuring our customers that their best interests will always be taken to heart.”  Khaw adds.

“We decided to launch it first in the Philippines because we can see that in the last two years, there’s been an increase in spending power due to economic growth, which fueled a greater demand for highend phones. But a big trade-off with the high-end phones right now, despite the technological advancements, is that they are still breakable. You drop it on the floor, the screen could get broken; and while these devices are water-resistant, liquid damage is still not covered by the manufacturer warranty. That is why we are now providing this product.”

He further explains that smartphone users can now enjoy peace of mind beyond the first year of enjoying their new phone. From the manufacturer’s warranty, 1+1 mobileprotect will extend the warranty for another year providing excellent after-sales service in the event that the customer would need to have their phone repaired. “Normally if you don’t have this extended warranty and if you need to have your phone repaired, you will usually avail of repairs that don’t use original parts as repairs through the authorized service center can be very expensive. And if you don’t make use of original parts, you may end up encountering more problems that would be even cost you much more. You need to be more careful with that. This is why we realized that there’s really a need for a service like this, especially now that consumers prefer to buy medium to high-end phones.”

Typically, Khaw shares, “people won’t avail of a device protection plans for their smartphones only to regret it once they need to spend a huge amount to have their phone repaired.” This is why he stresses on the importance of Extended Warranty PLUS Accidental Damage Insurance because you may avail of it when you first buy your phone so you won’t end up with regrets later and you will be worry-free for the next 2 years.

“The smartphone is very important to us so much and it has become an inseparable part of our daily lives nowadays. It’s the first thing you use when you wake up and the last thing you use before you sleep,” says Khaw.

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