5 Easy Automotive Marketing Strategies to Fuel Your Sales

There are many different automotive marketing strategies. Multi-channel marketing, email newsletters, mobile ads, and live events exist. These strategies can all help your dealership gain more customers and make your business more profitable. You should learn about all of them and apply them to your business. And remember, if one of these strategies doesn’t work, you can try a different one.

Multi-channel marketing

Today, it is crucial for automotive dealerships to employ a multi-channel automotive marketing strategy. Consumers are more active than ever and research online before visiting a dealership. The best way to guide these consumers toward a purchase is to adapt your marketing strategies to reflect their changing needs.

Facebook advertising is an excellent tool for reaching local consumers. These ads appear in a user’s news feed, and they may see them while scrolling social media. You can use geo-targeting and interest-based targeting to make your ads more relevant to your audience.

Marketing a brand across multiple channels is critical for retaining customers and increasing revenue. The right multi-channel approach will take advantage of the unique strengths of each channel and engage with customers at the right time. This strategy also requires attention to consumer preferences, a well-conceived overall marketing plan, and the ability to act across these channels. To achieve this, your messages must be hyper-relevant and deliver the right message to your audience.

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters for the automotive industry easily attract new customers to your dealership. A monthly newsletter with the latest industry news, company updates, and promotional code will keep your company’s name in the customers’ minds. You should send these newsletters at a frequency that is manageable and infrequent. This way, you will not appear spammy.

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to build a customer relationship, converting more leads to deals and encouraging repeat purchases. Segmenting your email list is essential so you can send them more relevant content. You can use auto-responders to automate your email flow and send more targeted content to each segment. To keep your subscribers engaged, you need to be consistent.

Live Events

Live events are an excellent way to connect personally with potential customers. They might be a unique approach to demonstrating the value of your brand to your customers. Live events benefit auto businesses with little time or money to spend on advertising and promotion. They also allow OEMs to showcase the latest features and innovations.

These events can help car dealerships build a reputation and gain positive customer feedback. This will encourage customers to return to a dealership for their automotive needs. Live events also give auto dealerships a chance to make their customer’s life easier. For instance, they can offer premium rental cars during service appointments.

Mobile Ads

Mobile ads are one of the best ways to increase traffic and boost your sales. They’re inexpensive and can get your brand in front of potential customers. However, consider what your customers want before creating your advertising campaigns. For example, are you targeting a specific demographic or niche? To sell a unique item or service, you should consider eCommerce platforms. For instance, Etsy might work well for a car dealership.

Another strategy for automotive marketing is the use of remarketing. This can be very helpful in preventing leads from dropping out of the sales funnel. It also reduces the overall abandonment rate by reminding consumers that the dealership is still there and can provide a service or product.


Today, car buyers spend most of their time on the internet, researching various models before visiting a dealership. Instead of taking a test drive or inspecting a car, buyers can watch 360deg videos and get an overview of the entire vehicle online. As a result, automotive marketing is undergoing significant changes. Many low-cost, easy-to-implement strategies can help your dealership reach a new audience.

First, segment your audience. When planning automotive marketing campaigns, remember that every potential customer is different. For instance, Mercedes customers may be interested in heated seats, while Honda buyers may be more concerned with fuel mileage and durability. This means your message should be tailored to their specific interests.

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