Huawei and Globe Partnership on Responsible e-Waste Disposal, Recovery and Recycling Program

Huawei and Globe Telecom have recently entered into a collaboration to rally on minimizing environmental impact of electronic waste (e-waste disposal) and counter its harmful effects on health through Globe Telecom’s Project One.

electronic waste

In 2014, News.Mic published an article on the statistics of the cost of owning a smartphone.  The shocking truth of our ever piling 40 million tons of electronic waste per year is alarming. I’m impressed that Globe Telecom has been helping brands do their share in doing something about the proper disposal of electronic waste. It is impressive that Huawei has followed suit and both brands have championed this advocacy through this partnership.

The need to recover and recycle old mobile phones

Old mobiles and their batteries have toxic elements and the brominated flame retardant composition of the plastic parts are toxic when released to the environment. If not disposed off properly, these can pollute the environment and can be a health hazard.

Benefits of recycling old phones, batteries and chargers

When precious metals and plastics are recycled, they are used for re-manufacture. This means less energy is used as opposed to mining brand new metals. This also translates to using less landfill.

Where do old mobile units go?

All collected mobiles and accessories are turned over to TES-AMM Philippines for proper recycling and recovery. No mobiles or collected accessories will be refurbished for re-sale or disassembled for reusable parts.

TES-AMM Philippines

TEs-AMM Group provides tailored recycling solutions for Waste Electrical and Electornic Equipments (WEEE). Their state-of-the-art technology with in-depth knowledge of environment and waste management techniques provide re-ise solutions and end recovery of precious metals from electronic wastes.

TES-AMM is the first in Asia to be certified for Responsible Recycling (R2). R2 certification programs are based on strong environmental standards which maximize reuse and recycling, minimize exposure to human health or environmental hazards, ensure safe management of materials by downstream handlers and require destruction of all data on used electronics.

Huawei and Globe Telecom Signing Ceremony on e-waste disposal partnership

Huawei and Globe Signing Ceremony on Responsible e-Waste Disposal, Recovery and Recycling Program

Welcome Speech by Mr. Liugao and Ms. Yolanda Crisanto, Senior Vice President/ Head of Corp Communications of Globe Telecom

Kudos to Globe Telecom and Huawei for spearheading this drive. A timely collaboration as Ms. Crisanto mentioned of Globe recently launched its purpose, taking pride for a reason of being one of the few organizations that are “purpose-driven.” Emphasizing as well of Globe Telecom’s improved connectivity runs on Huawei’s network. This partnership of Huawei and Globe towards Corporate Responsibility Program (CSR) is in fact an extension of an already existing business partnership.

This advocacy echoes to all of us who have old mobile phones, accessories, PC components (including LCD screens, keyboard, mouse), or any defective electronic equipment stashed away somewhere to dispose them through receptacle bins in Huawei Concept Shops. Let’s all be intentional in the proper disposal of our electronic wastes, and as we do it through Huawei and Globe Telecom’s Project One, we are helping build classrooms while we are at it.

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