The Newest Logistics Solution on the Block: MrSpeedy Mobile App

These days, courier services are no longer limited to being in demand to entrepreneurs and business owners. Most, if not all, have been using logistics solutions mobile apps for years now, for practical things we need to get done without having to deliver stuff ourselves.

The newest logistics player on the block, MrSpeedy Mobile App offers same-day delivery service, and they guarantee lower rates than its current counterparts like Lalamove and Grab Express. I have personally used both in the past and I am truly liking that there is competition. It is always a good thing for us, consumers. That can only mean they have to beat each other to becoming the better choice.

The Newest Logistics Solutions on the Block: MrSpeedy Mobile App

Let the rates speak for themselves. A person will always choose the service that gives more bang for his buck. If you get the same kind of service as you would another courier service at a cheaper cost, why get stuck? I’m moving right on, for sure. 🙂

MrSpeedy aims to support small on-line sellers with a reliable and affordable service to help them be competitive in the current trend of instant delivery.

“We see that the trend right now for online selling is instant delivery, but it is hard for small online businesses to afford this service. By slashing down our prices, our goal is to arm our local businesses to be more competitive, especially against the dominating giants out there,” said MrSpeedy’s Country Manager Jason Gaguan.

The Newest Logistics Solutions on the Block: MrSpeedy Mobile App

“We believe that this is the age of the Filipino Entrepreneur and we want to be part of that economic revolution. In everything we do, we always ask ourselves: Paano ‘to makakatulong mag-palaki ng negosyo sa isang Instagram, Facebook o Carousell seller?”

MrSpeedy focuses on three things that they found out is most important for small online businesses:

  • Delivery Price
  • Customer Support
  • Seamless Cash on Delivery


The Newest Logistics Solutions on the Block: MrSpeedy Mobile App


Truth be told, I have had my share of frustrations, with packages that take as much as three weeks to arrive the recipient. One thing that makes more sense to use now are the existing logistic solutions that are readily available and of which applications we can download to our mobile devices. What’s the plus with MrSpeedy is that it has a real-time chat support right in the app. Any issue with your package, you can right away raise right there and then. Virtually no waiting time.

The Newest Logistics Solutions on the Block: MrSpeedy Mobile App

With MrSpeedy’s pricing at PHP6/km, it is now the most affordable same-day delivery service as it is 40% cheaper than its competitors in Metro Manila. To add to their online seller-centric approach is a Cash on Delivery service that boasts of a 12-24 hour remittance window. Since offering cash-on-delivery to their online stores, clients are pleased to note their businesses have gained an increase of up to 300%.

The Newest Logistics Solutions on the Block: MrSpeedy Mobile App

Asked about why online businesses should choose MrSpeedy versus other platforms, Gaguan answers, “Technology wise, we are very similar to our competitors, pero lumalamang kami in understanding what our customers need, nakikinig kasi kami. Very simple lang naman ang gusto namin, to give the cheapest price, mapadala ng mabilis ang package at sumagot kagad pag may concern ang customer at i-resolve instantly. We want things to be simple, we just want to be the best partner of small businesses in Manila.”

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