Hongkong: Electronics Shopping Mecca

hongkong avenue of stars

It was during our first trip to Hongkong in 2011 that I came to understand why it was tagged as the shopping Mecca. This may ring a whole lot of truth when it comes fashion brand shopping, but not so as much for tech heads or lovers of electronics.

We booked with West Hotel in Kowloon during our visit. What I love most in Hongkong is that regardless of where you are booked in, it is easy to connect to any other place in the city. Using online booking sites like Traveloka, you can easily compare hotel prices and check out reviews. Regardless of where you are booked in, it is easy to connect to any other place in the city. Hongkong MTR is the most reliable, even our then 6 year old kid was able to navigate our way around.

Part of the plan was to maximize our vacation in Hongkong and part of that was avail for ourselves good electronic buys when the opportunity presents itself.

While electronics available on sale in Hongkong may not be as highly discounted as they were once known for, you will still be able to purchase tech products here and there at a bargain. Unless you happen to visit during a mega sale.  More of often than not, you will get tech products at 20% cheaper as opposed to buying it locally, currency exchange rate considered.


As opposed to fashion brands, which stores are often lined up like this along Canton Road in Hongkong, you won’t see much of this scene anywhere in the city unless there’s a huge sale.

And unless you live in Hongkong, you really won’t be assured of a reliable seller – it is a whole huge device jungle out there. A good guide when you are in Hongkong to shop for electronics is Reddit’s Electronic Shopping Guide in Hongkong.

Forums prove to be accurate as actual users really share their two cents and recommendations. If you are not a Hongkong local, you will also benefit from details like direction on how to get to the store or if there are previous information that is not accurate. It’s like stepping in Sham Shiu Po, for instance, like you have been there previously.


Specialty Tech Shops

If you are in search of mechanical boards, switch boards, keyboards and the like, you will find Centralfield and Tokyo Computer Accessories Shops to be the best shops to visit. If your plan is to score a discounted mobile phone and gadget accessories, check out Sin Tat Plaza, Temple Street Night Market and Mongkok Computer Center.

In the event, you were able to purchase a good buy in one of Hongkong’s specialty shop, it is best not to avail of an extended warranty, unless you plan to stay the city for a good long while. Because chances are warranties offered are only available in Hongkong anyway.

It’s always best to jump in with ready guidelines on when to go, where to go, and how to bargain, to assure you of a smooth transaction with local sellers. A good time to go to Hongkong, if you’re on a gadget and tech shopping spree is during the Hongkong Electronics Fair.

Tech shopping on discount is still an option for those who are in Hongkong, especially if you are in a look out of tech product that are not locally available yet.

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