What Kind of Batons Does the Police Use?

The kind of weapons that police must use has to be powerful weapons that will easily help you to target the culprit. Here are some batons that must be used by the police.


  1. ASP Baton – 21″ Expandable Friction Lock.


This type of baton is preferred personally to the military persons and the policemen and women’s. Many of the police departments have switched off from their old wooden baton with this new ASP Baton because of its good durability and have seen that these types of batons have no problem with their functioning. This ASP baton can easily be carried out by them and is easily available in the market and at shopping sites with good prices.

  1. Boston Leather 5413-1, 5418-1 Denver Sap 9″ Impact Weapon with Wrist Loop.



  • Heavy leather gauge.
  • Encases molded lead with spring steel shank.
  • They have both 2-ply and 4-ply models available.
  • Easy to pick as it is with a wrist loop.



  1. ASP 52222 16″ P16 Belt Clip-On Baton



  • It is designed to deliver the maximum power while taking up the minimal space.
  • It is ideal for investigators, administrators etc.
  • The collapsing tubes are constructed with ultra-strong 7075 T6 aluminum.
  • It provides the strength of steel without its weight.
  • It has a comfortable grip.
  • It maximizes control and retention capabilities.



  1. ASP 52221 12″ P12 Belt Clip-On Collapsible Baton



  • It is 5inches when retreated and 12 inches when extended fully.
  • The grip has a distinctive, crosshatch pattern.
  • It is a lightweight and small footprint.
  • It has a good material with 4140 high carbon steeling tube.



  1. Smith & Wesson SWBAT21H 21″ Expandable Baton with Rubber Grip



  • It is made up of steel with a rubber grip.
  • Rubberized grip offers you a good weapon control.
  • Expanded design with a flick of the wrist that can be handled easily by you.
  • Made up of nylon sheathes offers vertical or horizontal carry on belts.
  • It extends up to 24inches when opened and when closed it is 9.4 in inches.



  1. ASP 52916, 52915 Grip Cap for ASP Batons


  • It has stealth textured design low profile grip.
  • It helps you to give more positive grip on ASP baton.
  • Increases retention, especially in cold or wet weather or when wearing gloves.
  • They are available with their highest content of qualities.
  • All ASP batons are made with nations most respected and tactically sophisticated law enforcement agencies.


  1. ASP 07200 26″ Training Baton and Carrier


  • These types of training batons reduce injury potential while allowing dynamic, high-level simulations.
  • It is 26inches in length including a handle with it.
  • It has a carrier included in it.
  • These types of ASP batons are also available in size of 21 inches also.



These are types/kinds of batons that must be used by the police for the culprits.

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