Globe Tattoo Claims to be the Fastest Broadband

In the midst of the wireless broadband wars, Globe Tattoo Broadband makes its move as it not only levels the playing field but advances and does a definitive test. In a nationwide broadband benchmark test of 26 key locations in NCR, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, their results show that Globe Tattoo Broadband is the fastest among all prepaid wireless broadband brands. In another test done by another broadband provider which I shall call Brand ‘S’, was used to measure snapshots of connections in only 6 areas in the National Capital Region.

Globe Tattoo Broadband, on the other hand, conducted their own test through an impartial third party (Nesic Philippines, Inc. – and used a more accurate and stringent protocol. The testing agency, NESIC Philippines, Inc., is an ISO-certified telecommunications system integrator affiliated with the NEC Corporation. Below were the scenarios with which the tests were conducted:

1. Internet connection speed tested using Netpersec Application

Under this speed test, they conducted an FTP download test via local server located at Mandaluyong City and an HTTP download test via international server (

INternet COnnection Speed test local server

2. Internet connection speed tested using Speedtest Application (

This test was done via local server located at Quezon City

3. Web page download speed using 2Wire Application (

The results showed strong evidence that Globe Tattoo Broadband is the fastest internet brand, posting average speeds as high as 1,300 kbps in some areas both within and outside Metro Manila.

Now, I have not conducted my own speed test but these results have made me curious. I plan to get my own Globe Broadband Tattoo soon to compare it with the other brands I currently use.

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