Nintendo 3DS, Glasses-free 3D Gaming Kit: Most Expensive Handheld Console of all Time

HMV are the first retailers to set a UK price for the Nintendo 3DS at the amount of £229 (PHP 16,000-16,500). This means that the glasses-free 3d gaming kit stands as the most expensive handheld console of all time outrunning the Atari Lynx’s £199.99 launch in 1989. The Nintendo 3DS […]

Top Ten Games of 2010

With Kinect and Move coming out this year in the gaming industry, motion controllers hardware was something to get gamers looking forward to new games. But here are the Top Ten Games of 2010 which were the real stars of the year. Top Ten Games of the Year 2010 10. […]

Top Ten Best-selling Games from January to June 2010

This first half of 2010, according to retail sales tracking firm NPD, was packed with games that are really impressive. Below are the top ten best-selling games from January to June 2010. 10. Mario Galaxy 2 – one of the best-reviewed games of all time