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Gone are the days when budding businesses and start ups need to spend a fortune to get an online store running. With my own essential oil based stuff I’ve been contemplating on introducing to the market, truth be told, the only thing that’s holding me back is this. While I know there are wordpress plugins that I can incorporate in my blog, I’m quite not that sold out to how effective it is. Besides, it is a pain to figure plugins out, let alone work around its seemingly complex interface. But after I have recently attended an event where TackThis! was introduced, I cannot help but be thrilled on the prospect of finally get my online store up and running.

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TackThis! is a platform fueled by Voyager Innovations of PLDT and Smart Communications, Inc. It is an avenue where sellers can capitalize on the online market by putting up their store that they can easily integrate within their websites, even their Facebook page. As we Filipinos hold the title of being the social media capital of the world, we can totally bank on our reach by installing TackThis! and get that business running through our very own online shop.

TackThis! prides itself of being an end-to-end service. Meaning, through this platform, businesses can showcase products, manage inventories, and accept payments through a variety of well-known and secure providers. I have made online purchases via the providers they have and can personally attest to them being safe. While setting up an online store may sound intimidating, it is great to know that TackThis! was designed with the non-techie in mind. 

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TackThis! makes it easy for the seller to track from its dashboard/back end.  You get to have access on its analytics and be in the know how your product is making and conveniently manage inventory. Makes for a smoother transaction too, even as customers only purchase items that are in stock.

“In the age of Instagram, everyone has a personal brand. You could be a foodie who loves to write cookbooks, for example. TackThis! would allow you to sell those cookbooks online with an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use dashboard. That way, you don’t have to focus on mastering complex technology but only on what you do best: sharing your passion and developing your own brand,” said Rebecca Ricalde, the assistant vice president for digital commerce at Voyager Innovations.

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Even big brands like CLN, Philips, et. al. trust the TackThis! platform. We all know it’s the digital age and even well-known brands are aware that online presence is a must to keep their name thriving. More and more people are introduced to the convenience of online shopping.

“Even if you’re posting the same TackThis! shop to different platforms, each of those have different audiences. You can sell your handwoven scarves to your friends on Facebook, your followers on Tumblr, and your readers on Blogspot. You’re essentially setting up mini franchises of yourself all from the comfort of your keyboard,” said Mitch Padua, the vice president for digital commerce at Voyager Innovations.

Because TackThis! can be conveniently integrated within websites, social media sites like Facebook, sellers maximize their brand exposure. Not only will they lessen operational cost by not having to rent several physical stores,  TackThis! also enables the business owners to optimize the buying process with its end-to-end service system.

TackThis pricing

TackThis! Pricing

Whether you are a noob in the online selling industry or a brand that’s been around for ages, TackThis! is totally worth checking out. TackThis! is an e-retail solution that boosts businesses with its social e-commerce features providing smoother online shopping transactions and gives brands their optimal reach with its design to leverage on maximum social media exposure.


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