Who Needs The CompTIA CTT+ Certification?

The CompTIA CTT+ certification is used to identify dedicated and adept industry instructors. The acronym used in the examination name is defined as Certified Technical Trainer. The certification that is awarded to individuals that successfully pass the examination is an internationally recognized certification.

The certification covers the core skills that instructors require. These skills include presentations, preparation, communication, evaluations, and facilitation in classroom and virtual classroom environments. In order to receive this certification, an individual is required to complete two separate exams.

The first exam that must be completed and passed satisfactorily is the CompTIA CTT+ Essentials. After this examination has been passed successfully, individuals with have the option to choose between two different final exams that are also required examinations used in order to receive a certification. The two examinations that an individual will have the ability to choose between are the Virtual Classroom Trainer as well as the Classroom Trainer exams.

Candidates will need to have either a video or recording that shows them interacting with students in a classroom environment, or in a virtual classroom environment, in order to meet the requirements for the second certification test. The examination covers planning which needs to occur prior to the course, along with methods, instructor communication and credibility, group evaluating, and group facilitation.

Major computer companies such as Dell, Adobe, Microsoft, and Ricoh recommend that all of their trainers obtain the CompTIA CTT+ certification. There are ninety five questions asked on the first section of the exam, and individuals are given ninety minutes to complete the test in entirety.

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