Gadgets and Tech PH’s Summer Must Haves from Shopee

The summer heat is definitely set to sizzle. And with it is everyone’s sudden urge to head out and flock the pools or beaches. In any case, never go out without your trusted tech at your side.

Here are some of the awesome pieces of tech straight from Shopee’s stable of devices—must haves you’ll definitely love.

1. JBL Clip 2 – Mobile Speaker

JBL Clip 2 - Gadgets and Tech's summer must haves from Shopee

Developed by longtime audio tech manufacturer, the JBL Clip 2 is a good Bluetooth-enabled mobile speaker that definitely delivers quite the bang for your buck. Despite its tiny 141x94x42mm frame, this speaker claps out good quality audios with decent bass and impressive midrange levels.

An awesome thing about it is that it’s made exactly for the outdoors. It’s completely water-proof so you don’t have to worry about bringing it pool-side or as you brave through an unexpected rain shower during your mountain climb. Its rechargeable battery gives you eight hours of music as you go about your summer shenanigans.

2. Asus ZenPower 10050mAh Power Bank – Mobile Charger

ASUS ZenPower 10050mAh power bank - Gadgets and Tech's summer must haves from Shopee

A summer adventure this year wouldn’t be complete without a mobile charger. After all, you’ll need one to juice up your smartphone and cameras to keep them selfies coming. One reliable mobile charger is the Asus ZenPower 10050mAh Power Bank. It’s about as small as a credit card at 90.5x59x22mm and weighs a mere 215g, making it easy to tote around wherever you go. It comes loaded with a handful of features to make sure that your devices are thoroughly charged, and that it won’t overheat, overcharge, or explode while doing it. It comes with a bumper case to keep its pretty little bod in pristine condition.

3. Fitbit Flex 2 – Wearable Tech

Fitbit Flex 2 black - Gadgets and Tech's summer must haves from Shopee

Not everyone plans to relax and give in to the lazy bug in front of their Netflix queues this summer. You may choose this season to get more physically active, push yourself to the limit, and break records. The Fitbit Fitness Flex 2 is just the handy companion for you. Together with the accompanying FitBit mobile app, this tracker letting you monitor your progress–from the steps you’ve taken during your morning runs to the calories burned in your every activity. It’s even water-proof so it can also help you towards your swimming goals. Additionally, it also monitors how long and how well you sleep.

4. EKEN Action Camera H9R 4K Full HD WiFi Waterproof Sport – Camera

EKEN Action Camera H9R 4K Full HD - Gadgets and Tech's summer must haves from Shopee

Action cameras can easily be among the expensive devices you can have in your summer arsenal. So, if you’re looking for a decent cam that won’t break the bank, Shopee has the EKEN Action Camera H9R 4K Full HD Waterproof Sport as an inexpensive alternative. This two-inch cam has a 170-degree wide angle lens that shoots photos at 12 megapixels and reels in videos at high resolutions: 4K (25fps), 2.7K (30fps), 1080p (60fps), and 720 (120fps). Also packed in its water-proof body are handy shooting modes and features for capturing your busy summer getaway.

5. Pictar One – Mobile Accessory

Pictar One BS030 - Gadgets and Tech's summer must haves from Shopee

Just because we can’t all be lugging around heavy cameras during our summer treks, here’s the Pictar One, a photography attachment for your smartphone. Designed for one-handed control, it features a grip that not only emulates the solidly ergonomic feel of old school standard cameras, it also adds a few features for your casual photography pleasure. There’s a physical shutter button, a zoom ring, knobs for adjusting your phone’s camera settings, a tripod mount at the bottom, and both a neck and wrist straps. Shopee carries Pictar One variants for the iPhone and Android smarties.

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