Converge ICT Solutions, Inc. Launches FiberX, Looks at Further Expansion

Converge ICT Solutions, Inc., a complete ICT solutions provider in the Philippines, elevates Pinoys’ Internet experience with the launch of FiberX, iBIZ, Converge Enterprise and FiberXtreme. The company also announced further expansion plans and continued strengthening of its fiber optic network. At present, Converge already laid out more than 6,000 […]

Converge Experience Better

Cisco Announces CRS-3 Carrier Routing System: It Will “Forever Change the Internet”

Cisco announced recently its CRS-3 Carrier Routing System which they claim has twelve times the traffic capacity of their competitors and three times as much as their previous version. This next generation router may revolutionize the world wide web by multiplying download speeds – high speed internet. The CRS-3 claims […]