Recipe for a Successful Start-up Business by @AsusPh #IncredibleWorkshops

The next installment to the series of Asus Philippines’ Incredible Workshops is Finding the Right Recipe for a Successful Start-up Business conducted by RJ Ledesma.



I was all ears when RJ Ledesma took center and front stage and I was even more glued when he introduced what the title of his workshop is going to be – Finding the Right Recipe for a Successful Start-up Business. You see, he was all so involved at the Adobo Challenge Media Preview the day before. RJ seems to be everywhere, I thought, and as he went about to speak, I was more than convinced that this man surely knows what he’s talking about.

Like the great conversationalist and host that RJ Ledesma is, he got us all glued to his topic, from the mainframe to the details. Here are some of the points he’s clearly got across.

Ingredients of Entrepreneurship

  • Part smarts
  • Part hustle
  • Part balls
  • Part luck/Timing
  • All Prayer

1. A cup of vision and ambition

  • Know what you are passionate about.
  • Entrepreneurship is all about your irritation.
  • Inspiration comes from irritation your “pain points.”

Most people stumble into business and as opposed to the cliche, “Ready, aim, fire!” In business start-ups, what works is “Ready, fire, aim!” The firing takes chutzpah, all right, but practically speaking, firing first works as the “aiming” or organizing  of important details comes next when the business is already up and running.

2. A teaspoon of self and industry awareness

  • Know your customers.
  • Know your competition.
  • Know your strengths.
  • Keep an entrepreneurial mindset.

For entrepreneurs, time is money. It’s of utmost importance for every businessman to have a device to help him in research and in keeping up to date with the industry. 

3. A dash of innovation.

RJ emphasized the  importance of pivot wherein he shared Mercato Centrale’s concept turnaround from the ordinary “morning market” to “night market.” The use of social media was also instrumental in getting the word out on their food venture, and shared, “We are as much as online business as we are an offline business.”

4. Generous serving of hard work and dedication

“Hard work is all about the hustle.”

5. A pinch of luck.

  • Create an atmosphere of “business luck.”
  • Remember that failure is a badge of honor.

Asus Vivobook Flip

As RJ Ledesma concluded his workshop, he made mention that the Asus VivoBook  has been one of his secret weapons. Its amazing graphics and powerful processor allows him to multi-task and work wherever he is, at super speed.

The Asus VivoBook is impressive with its 360 degrees  hinge that allows you to rotate to any angle, such that it’s easy to surf and watch – flexibility that allows you to work however manner you feel like.

Anvey Factor, RJ Ledesma and Alvin Estacio

RJ Ledesma with Mr. Anvey Factor and Mr. Alvin Estacio of Asus Philippines

Thanks to Asus Philippines and RJ Ledesma for this very informational Incredible Workshop on the key ingredients to a successful business start-up.

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