Harness the Power of the Sun and Earn Through the Sunergize Solar Dealership Package

Sunergize by SolarGrid is expanding and is inviting business savvy advocates of eco-friendly living to take advantage of the Sunergize Solar Dealership Package and deploy a Sunergize gondola in your vicinity!

Sunergize Solar Dealership Package

For a PHP 35,000 investment, you get a gondola unit to store solar powered devices. This unit includes 43 pieces of an assortment of solar devices as start-up for your own solar business. The opportunity to harness the power of the sun for energy can now be utilized for earning with Sunergize solar devices including solar light bulbs, solar chargers and power banks, solar lamps and other multi-purpose solar powered devices perfect for daily use for an eco-friendly lifestyle or in cases of blackouts and emergencies.

Below are some of their products which I have sampled.

Solar Hand Lamp


Solar Hand Lamp


Solar Power Bank

Solar Power BankSolar Dynamo Radio with Charger and LED

Solar Dynamo Radio with Charger and LED

Email Sunergize at info@solargridph.com to know more about this business opportunity and follow their Twitter account @SolarGripPH.

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