The Quipper School’s Online Program

Teachers or “ambassadors” of Quipper School have vowed to revolutionize the country’s educational system by reaching out to one million students nationwide by the end of 2014.

Ryan Guerrero, Business development officer of Quipper School

At the Quipper School’s first National Ambassadors Conference held in Makati City last October 25, 2014, Ryan Guerrero, business development officer ofQuipper School, said, “We want to improve our instructional method by showing the students that learning is really fun.”Results have shown that the Quipper School has made the students more aggressive“in doing their assignments,” continues Guerrero. “They keep asking for morehomework from their teachers. They are more diligent in doing it.

We want to maintain this kind of attitude among the students.”Classes that use the Quipper School have also shown a 13 percent improvement in their scores in the National Achievement Test (NAT) Heartened by this behavior, the teachers have pledged to be more vigorous in bringing the Quipper School to key cities in the country.

They can also create their own content that their colleagues can use. Since its launch in January, the Quipper School has signed up more than 20,000teachers, and registered 150,000 students. The Quipper School has also partneredwith the Division of City Schools in Quezon City and Pasay City.

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