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MyPhone has again launched another impressive phone by virtue of MyPhone A878 Duo. After seeing how well the A618 TV Duo performs, it has since been a given for us to check out MyPhone whenever we consider purchasing mobile phones. With the introduction of mobile phones and tablets with monster features in the market, the competition across brands are but inevitable. Which is beneficial for us gadget eating loving consumers. This spanking dual sim, dual core MyPhone A878 is powerful for its price. We bought the unit for P6,999.


MyPhone A878 package came with the unit, 3.5mm earphones, mini cd phone suite and Quick Start Guide.  Specifications and more photos after the jump.

We immediately bought a screen protector from a nearby mobile phone accessory shop and the sales assistant was faked! She actually thought my unit was a Samsung SIII.

MyPhone A878 is pretty!  It took me a while before I decided on getting the white unit. MyPhone A878 also comes in black. I love its sleek design and its overall look.

Side by side: MyPhone A878 and the yet to be launched MyPhone A898.

I bet you won’t be able to tell them apart at a glance. The one on the left has no front camera (A878) and the black unit on the right (A898) has one.

MyPhone A878 and MyPhone A898 have identical facades. Both have dual-LED rear flash.

But impression should very well go beyond the facade. Here are some of the photos I took two days after I bought it.

I took the shot above using the Line Camera app via MyPhone A878 and uploaded it on Instagram for our food blog, Aside from the watermark and choosing the “clear” option from Line Camera, there was no other filter used. Now that’s a shot even my iPhone4 won’t give me. I love it! Even in low light settings, MyPhone A878 photos stand out, leaving behind my poor iPhone photos in comparison. It might have a lot to do with the dual LED rear back camera feature. And fyi, I also use Line Camera via iPhone.

Another shot using MyPhone A878 via Line Camera. No Filter.  If you have seen these chefs working it, you’ll be amazed how clear the shots I took from MyPhone A878. Even if you’re using  the higher end brands, you will be pretty impressed yourself.

MyPhone A878 Duo Specifications: 

Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)
4.3 Capacitive Screen
Dual Sim
WiFi Connection
Motion Sensor
5MP Camera
FM/MP3/MP4 Player
Expandable memory up to 16GB
Bluetooth/USB/3.5mm Audio Jack

The thing I did have to compromise when I bought this phone is it having no front camera and no 3G capability. While the 3G connection I hardly use anyway, because of our Sun Cellular data plan, it kind of defeats the purpose of the unit having a hotspot feature. With 3G networks going wonky ever so persistently, how can a hotspot be maximized by a unit running on EDGE?

But all things considered, this MyPhone A878 is a great phone for its price. I have watched my tv series on it, HD at that, played Temple Run on it with no lags. I did have an issue with Foursquare not detecting my location on the first day I had the unit. But that probably is an app bug than otherwise. We figured this out just last night as we were getting the same error message, “your connection is wonky,” via our HTC Sensation. There you have it for our quick MyPhone A878 Duo review. Coming up is a sneak peak of the soon to be launched MyPhone A898 Duo.

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