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Early this month, I pre-ordered a Nokia N8, the latest touch-screen, camera phone that I have long awaited. I was amongst those who signed up to receive an email notification once the Nokia N8-00 became available. Last October 8, 2010, Nokia Philippines started the preordering of this phone which boasts of a 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens, HD video recording, an HDMI connection for video viewing and Dolby Digital Plus audio capability, and I signed up to preorder it.

The Nokia N8, still in its box and came with a free bag and a 16GB flash drive with some free videos (also in its box)

Last Saturday, I was the 8th person to pick up the preordered Nokia N8-00 from Wellcom in Sta. Lucia Mall. Nokia Philippines made available 800 units nationwide for preordering before Nokia N8’s official market launch on November 8, 2010. The touch-screen phone can be pre-ordered with or without Smart’s Unlimited Data Plan (PHP 2,000). Below are the pictures of the Nokia N8 as I unboxed it.

The Nokia N8’s box

First peek at my Dark Steel Nokia N8 (other available colors are Light Silver and the Burnt Orange which is issued only from Smart while the blue and green are available in Europe)

The whole pre0rdered Nokia N8 package unboxed

Nokia N8 included accessories

A closer look at the Dark Steel Nokia N8 and the included accessories (charger, HDMI adapter, USB (On-The-Go) OTG adapter, USB data cable, Nokia stereo headset)

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One thought on “Gadgets and Tech’s Nokia N8 Unboxing | Pre-Ordered in the Philippines

  • jigz67

    it does have issues about this very expensive phone here in the Philippines, I have bought N8 last Nov 16 at the price of php 22,400 and the first day i used it i noticed that it has a fluctuating network signal unstable.. experienced drop calls from calls abroad , and short battery life .. and the worst part after 3 days my phone keeps on rebooting.. i went to the store that i bought this phone for replacement for it’s very frustrating this is the first time i bought an expensive phone from Nokia and experienced this frustrating problem,,, the sales clerk told me that they have to send the phone for testing to Nokia Care Center and there they will only decide if they will replace the unit.. They should replace it right there and then but they refuse they said that only the Nokia will decide .. I also noticed that this phone can surf the Internet and can download files but the problem is this They don’t have the anti virus software for this piece of crap .. then why do they have to release this Thing if they are not yet ready to provide the important software ” anti Virus” didn’t they anticipate this that this Phone is not immune to viruses.. Nokia Think about This!! you bunch of retards!!! replace my phone not just fix it or upgrade