The Nokia 3310 Re-released: A “Dumbphone” in a Smartphone World

The New Nokia 3310 was re-released recently and has a bit of deviation from the original full specifications. Nokia made its official announcement at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain on Sunday that it will re-release the legendary but now new Nokia 3310 phone. The classic phone is now […]


Nokia Wins vs Apple Over Alleged Use of Patented Nokia Technologies in the iPhone

Nokia have won over smartphone rivals Apple, signing a patent license agreement with the iPad and iPhone manufacturers that will see Nokia paid an undisclosed one-time fee alongside ongoing royalties. The Finnish company Nokia took Apple to court in 2009 over the alleged utilization of patented Nokia technologies present in […]

A Comparison of Nokia C3 and Nokia E63 13

When I first saw and heard about the Nokia C3 my first reaction was to ask how it is different from the Nokia E63 which my wife has. So I set out to compare these two full-QWERTY keyboard phones from Nokia. Nokia C3 vs Nokia E63 Most of the features […]